An Overview of accomplishments

In January 2020 I started in my current Service Design position with the ATO. My team, ATO Design is a multidisciplinary team of Human-Centered Designers, Visual Designers, Systems thinkers, and Behavioral Insights experts. We operate in a model similar to an internal consultancy across various projects in the Human Centred space. Due to the nature of the work, I am not able to publish specifics about each of the projects below but I am always happy to discuss my design practices in a confidential conversation.

Instructor/ Mentor: Katharina Rochjadi & Anna Findlay.

Student Project Team: Steve Buhagiar, Aainaa Rahman, Zara Nathan, Carolina Colorado & Preety Agarwal


Vollie is an Online Marketplace that Connects Skilled People to Non-profits, charities, and social enterprises for skills-based Online Volunteering. Vollie approached the project team as a growing platform…


LPA Lighting (Lighting Partners Australia) is a Global Business offering B2B Design and Supply of Lighting and Energy Solutions. They operate in both the retail and commercial markets. Recognizing the relationship-based nature of the industry, the LPA Management Team is Unclear on the Value and Function of the Public-Facing…

Anna Findlay

Service Designer |UX Nerd |

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